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As I mentioned in a previous post, the desserts in Berlin taste way more natural than they do in the States. Since the language barrier complicated things, I couldn’t tell which ingredients made the difference, but you can take my word for it that they’re much less artificial-tasting. Sweets are lighter in Berlin, the perfect [...]

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Berlin is home to western Europe’s largest Turkish population and the culture is everywhere – cafés, grocery stores, political groups, mosques and more. There are tons of restaurants, but the best way to do Turkish in Berlin is the gözleme. Similar to a crepe, a gözleme is a hand-rolled pastry filled with spinach, feta, potatoes [...]

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Brunch is my absolute favorite meal, so I had to find the perfect spot while on vacation. My friend and I headed to her nearby favorite, Das Edelweiss, a former train station-turned restaurant that also turns into a bar at night. It’s a great example of Berlin’s dilapidated-chic style and the city’s famous street art [...]

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Here begins a series of posts from my lovely trip to Berlin last week. I took time out of my busy eating schedule to document all of the fantastic grub I ate. So here goes… When you think Germany, you think a.) beer and b.) meat, specially bratwurst, currywurst, lots of wurst. And you’re right. [...]

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Attention Baked (pictured above) and Magnolia Bakery: Vanilla frosting does NOT belong on red velvet. Just because the cake is red doesn’t make it red velvet, OK? (Though I did think it was cute that Baked tops their red velvet cupcakes with a Red Hot candy.) Take a note from my favorite red velvet source in [...]

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Sometimes you crave a juicy sandwich. Not one from a deli that stacks the meat (or cheese in our case) five feet high. I’m not talking fancy paninis either. When I want a regular sandwich, the kind that goes best with a pickle and some potato chips, I head to The Grey Dog’s Coffee. This [...]