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In an interesting twist of fate, the occupants of Julia Child’s Victorian home in Cambridge, Mass. aren’t big foodies…and they’re vegetarian! That right. Animal rights activisit Lisa Landsverk, her Harvard Law School professor husband and their two daughters have shacked up in the home of the celebrated chef, most famous for her beef bourguignon and [...]

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I got to be on the other side of the table when my friend and former roommate cooked a quesadilla dinner for me and my current roommate. Three amazing components to the meal: A raspberry-apple mocktail (with juice from the farmer’s market no less!), corn on the cob CafĂ© Habana-style and vegetables quesadillas. Doesn’t the [...]

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I went to this West Village Italian eatery for a brunch on a sunny day this summer and loved it. More than the $11 prix-fixe brunch (which happens to be delish), I love the corner-street West Village vibe. So cute without being scene-y. (Well, I did happen to catch it in the Sex and the [...]

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This weekend I got a little ahead of my November 1 resolution to bake more and whipped up some of Martha Stewart’s strawberry-shortcake cookies. I love the cake version so the cookie incarnation had to be just as good…and it was! It’s a pretty easy recipe that gives you the exact flavor of strawberry shortcake [...]

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Well, the reason relates to food, but anyway, it was a wedding! It was a nice change of pace to sit down to a plated dinner, as opposed to overloading to a buffet station. For non-veg: chicken. For veg: stuffed squash. The mashed potatoes that came with it were mixed with what seemed like tons [...]

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So we’ve done brunch at Orange, dessert at Sweet Mandy B’s and Molly’s, so all’s that left is dinner. Disregard the sweets before dinner thing; I tend to do that a lot. A part of me wanted Gino’s East deep dish pizza, but the other part of me felt like that heavy meal would probably [...]