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Sometimes I love cooking elaborate dinner parties for my friends. Well, this wasn’t one of those nights. I was more than happy to have some friends over–especially my friend from Australia who had been traveling the U.S. without a proper home-cooked meal–but the problem was I didn’t have much time. The solution? Spinach lasagna. I [...]

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I hate the word “diet.” It comes with a negative connotation, most often indicating what you can’t have, or rather, what you can’t enjoy. But Weight Watchers seems different. I don’t technically follow the plan, but its philosophy, on of basic portion control, isn’t a crazy fad, and that’s what I love. So when my [...]

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When you need a quick, easy dessert for a weeknight, this raspberry buttermilk cake is the perfect choice. I had some friends over last night and whipped up this gem in about an hour–perfect for after work! Some of the reviewers on epicurious (where I found the recipe) said they even saved the leftovers for [...]

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Check out my recap at and share your thoughts…

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Some ideas make you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This, my friends, is one such idea. It’s a CupShake, an ingenious concoction created by The Sweet Tooth Fairy and Sammy’s Cafe, two dessert destinations in Utah. Theirs mixes a soft serve ice cream and a cupcake but for an at-home option, try [...]

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To celebrate Vermont’s new law recognizing gay marriage, the state’s local ice creamery, better known as Ben & Jerry’s, has renamed their classic Chubby Hubby flavor as “Hubby Hubby.” Cute, no? Working with the gay and non-gay partnership, Freedom to Marry, Ben & Jerry’s won’t be changing labels (that could take 18 months according to [...]