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Do you guys have a friend who, when the two of you get together, consume copious amounts of delicious food with a sort of reckless abandon that doesn’t seem reckless at all when you’re with him/her? Well, I have a couple people like that in my life, and when I went to New Jersey to [...]

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My favorite thing about Thanksgiving isn’t the turkey or the side dishes but the pumpkin pie. So obviously I was going to take charge of it for the Thanksgiving potluck I had with my friends. But to satisfy my friends who weren’t gourd lovers, I decided to make a blueberry pie, too. I wanted to [...]

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You may think a Thanksgiving meal in New York City without your family would mean store-bought everything, or worse, take-out, but this year, I spent my turkey day in my home away from home (NYC) with my second family (my close college friends). And I’ve got to say, we crafted quite the traditional Thanksgiving spread—and [...]

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I get so tired of my usual downtown brunch repertoire, so I headed up north—to the Upper East Side—to meet a good friend for a gourmet, Mediterranean brunch at Fig & Olive, which has become my new favorite brunch spot. It’s such a steal for its a.) fine dining, b.) classy but not stuffy atmosphere [...]

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I was browsing through Time Out New York‘s site and for this week’s “I’m officially obsessed with” sidebar, the food section highlighted the midtown Indian lunch spot Indus Express, a favorite of mine. The piece is all about how it has such great veggie options—which it does!—but Indus offers chicken, lamb and seafood, too. I’ve [...]

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It’s the 40th anniversary of Sesame Street and everyone is joining in on the fun—from Google Doodles to Harper’s Bazaar—and I’m loving seeing bits of my day sprinkled with Sesame Street goodness. Take for example this video from Rocketboom, in which Cookie Monster explains the method behind his cookie-eating madness: