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It was serendipity that on the Sunday night before I left for New Jersey that I caught an episode of the Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay, where Flay duked it out for the best grilled cheese with the cooks at a famous diner in Collingswood, New Jersey, near my hometown. Obviously, I had to [...]

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As lazy as I’ve been post-vacation and even though I’m here for just one more day before heading out to Oklahoma for New Year’s, I decided to pick myself up and go to the corner bodega for a couple of vegetables to cook dinner at home, which I feel like I haven’t done in a [...]

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My boyfriend and I had always wanted to be spontaneous enough to pick a neighborhood in the city, walk around and choose a random spot for a meal. Sadly, we haven’t been able to do it that often because we’re usually too hungry to hunt and we’re such foodies that we want the meal to [...]

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Apologies for my recent absence, but I had a nice little break from work and life for the holidays. Et tu? My time away involved sweatpants, blankets, my new Snuggie, movies (The Proposal – ick, I Love You, Man – disappointing and Julie & Julia – um, AMAZING) and a lot of not-so-healthy food. But [...]

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Only in New York City would people set their alarm for 8 a.m., put their name down for brunch at a restaurant and then go back to sleep until their name was called — two hours later. Yes, such a place exists and it’s called Clinton Street Baking Company, the comfort food spot in the [...]

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Martha Stewart has been serving me well with my new-found love for baking, so when two of my good friends’ birthdays were coming up, I wanted to put her recipe for chocolate-glazed pumpkin cookies to use. Birthdays or not, I probably would’ve made these for any reason. But glad the birthday boy and girl enjoyed [...]