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It had felt like ages since I had a full weekend in the city — what with my vacation and going home for Mother’s Day — so I spent last weekend soaking up a typical New York weekend. First stop: brunch. (Second stop: street fair. And third stop: shopping.) I headed to the West Village [...]

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I had a pretty terrible experience making my own pizza dough a couple of months ago (we don’t need to go all visual on this; it wasn’t pretty), so I took a shortcut while making this particular pizza by buying premade, whole-wheat dough from Trader Joe’s. But even though it makes things easier by about [...]

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Having grown up in New Jersey, it’s only natural that I have a certain affinity for diners. To some, they’re grungy, greasy and not very tasty. To me, they’re fun, offer satisfying comfort food staples and remind of so many high school nights out (we were clearly total badasses in those days!). So I was [...]

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Sometimes I worry about spreading the news about such amazing things, for fear of creating crowds, but I just have to about one of the best-kept secrets in New York City: the Sunday breakfast buffet at Wave Hill in the Bronx. I know what you’re thinking: “The Bronx??” Well, un-furrow that brow and let me [...]

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From cupcakes to fro-yo to food trucks, New York City is no stranger to food trends and the summer time is a great time for the latest to come center stage. For the summer of 2010, the New York Times says Popsicles will be all the rage. I’m a sucker for the Times Dining section, [...]

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I’ve been reading so much about Dos Toros near Union Square that it was high time I tried this burrito joint, started by two Berkeley, Calif. brothers, who wanted to bring Bay Area’s signature Mexican food style to the Big Apple. I went on Cinco de Mayo (unintentionally!) and the line was out the door. [...]