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As good a sport as meat-eaters can sometimes be about going to vegetarian restaurants, it’s always a different experience going to meat-free spots when you’re with a fellow flexitarian (or vegetarian). They can truly appreciate the taste of tempeh or the savory flavor of soy, and understand what it’s like to be able to have anything off the menu.

So for yesterday’s lunch date with my vegetarian girlfriend, I chose the vegetarian/vegan restaurant Blossom in Chelsea. It’s healthy, it’s affordable, it’s tasty and it’s right across the street from Billy’s Bakery – what’s not to love?

Sitting by the window on a hot summer day

The menu is pretty limited, but what they do, they do extremely well. It doesn’t hurt that most of the items are pretty healthy, which is fairly expected at vegan restaurants.

What’s in it for you (and only you): Ravioli in cashew cream; French toast with tempeh bacon; Philly cheese sandwich with pan seared seitan; Tuscan portobello sandwich with vegan mozzarella; phyllo roulade (French lentils and root vegetables in phyllo crust served over carrot cashew cream)

We both were jonesing for breakfast, and there’s only two options in that category: French toast and this gem:

Tofu scramble

It’s amazing how they’re able to make the tofu taste just like scrambled egg. And I know fake meat can sometimes be more like mystery meat, but the soy sausage was in no way overpowering and offered the same spice that regular sausage does.

For those who care about this kind of thing, it’s also a great low-carb, high protein meal. There’s just a sliver of toast to go with it, and you have the option of mixed greens or French fries on the side.

Next time, I’m dying to try to phyllo roulade and the dessert I didn’t have room for yesterday: lavender coconut creme brulee.

187 9th Ave. (between 21st and 22nd Sts.)
C, E to 23rd St.

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