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Moving to a new apartment within New York City has got to be one of the most annoying/frustrating/tiring tasks. Packing up a ton of stuff in a teeny apartment is a nightmare, movers are ridiculously expensive and once you’ve settled into your new place, things always inevitably get screwed up, like my cable, which is [...]

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I fell in love with the Brooklyn Bridge Park last weekend. See here: OK, it didn’t hurt that it was one of the most beautiful days of the summer. But even without that, what I loved is how quiet, green, clean and family-friendly it is. Kids had more than enough space to run, skip and [...]

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A friend of mine suggested Alphabet City spot Northern Food Spy Co. for a much-needed catch-up session last week and I was totally shocked to realize that I had never even heard of it. I consider myself a foodie, so not knowing a good spot is personal blasphemy. You’ll see that the menu is short, [...]

Vegging out: Gobo


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I rarely find myself on the Upper East Side, but when my friend and I visited the Met’s bambu exhibit earlier this summer, we needed to find somewhere to eat/kill time before the guided tour started. We settled on Gobo, a vegetarian restaurant with an Asian edge. They’re big on small plates and though I [...]

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I’ve been battling a bit of a summer cold so apologies for the lack of posts. Now that I’m almost back to normal, I finally get the chance to share a really amazing meal I had recently at A Voce. I just so happened to be invited to an event on behalf of the Pepsi [...]

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Since I’ll be moving out of my apartment to new digs at the end of the month, I’m trying to cook my way through my pantry in attempt to avoid taking that half box of quinoa to my new place. When I stumbled upon this Cooking Light recipe for a vegetable tian (a French dish [...]