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Moving to a new apartment within New York City has got to be one of the most annoying/frustrating/tiring tasks. Packing up a ton of stuff in a teeny apartment is a nightmare, movers are ridiculously expensive and once you’ve settled into your new place, things always inevitably get screwed up, like my cable, which is pretty much mandatory for my day job. Sigh.

Anyway, moving also means finishing up your groceries and not buying any until the new apartment, so I was doing quite a bit of eating out before moving in to my new digs (!) last week. The chain of restaurant meals began with a girl-time dinner at Murray Hill Vietnamese spot L’Annam, which I had been meaning to try forever, mainly because it’s one cuisine I’m not very well-versed in.

Well, call me small-minded, but what we got tasted a whole lot like Thai food. I can’t imagine much of the ethnic food in the States is close to authentic, but this place seemed to masquerade as a Thai restaurant.

What’s in it for you: They have bean curd tofu available for everything from noodles to rice, so you’re set

What’s in it for them: Shrimp, chicken, beef, pork—they’re also set

Because I eat tofu, oh, 4-5 out of 7 days of the week, I went for the bean curd, specifically, the crispy bean curd (with vegetables I requested) on top of rice noodles. I was just not in a brown rice mood that night:

Crispy bean curd with veggies and rice noodles

I loved everything, but the amount of bean curd, my God, it could feed three.

My one friend got the Vietnamese Chow Fun with chicken and satisfied her craving for spice but didn’t offer much else in terms of flavor. And the unbalanced ratio of noodles (a lot) to veggies (a little) didn’t help:

Vietnamese Chow Fun with chicken

And our other friend went with the sauteed Saigon noodle:

Sauteed Saigon noodle

As exemplified by her dish, L’Annam’s portions are HUGE. It’s perfectly legit to split (and too legit to quit) or, even better, you’ll know that tomorrow’s lunch is already covered.

393 3rd Ave. (at 28th St.)
6 to 28th St.

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