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For the first time in my three years of living in New York, I have a dining table—with chairs! This might seem like a lot of fuss over nothing for people in other cities, even to people in Brooklyn who know what space is. But Manhattanites deal with such little space that we start using our oven for storage space.

Our dining table, albeit a small two seater, is conducive to having proper sit-down meals, so I thought it’d be fun to cook a fun brunch this past weekend. Here were the fruits of my labor:

With a pint of blueberries from the farmers market at my disposal, I went for fluffy, indulgent blueberry muffins courtesy of Martha Stewart. Even though I found the recipe online, I still worked from my copy of her Baking Handbook, which also features the recipe. It felt more domestic that way! As a side note, I swapped in agave for the sugar, to stay a little healthy.

By chance, I also used Martha for the protein portion of the meal. I had originally been trying to find a recipe for the amazing Turkish egg brunch dish at Nolita restaurant Public, but after a search for the exact recipe ended unsuccessfully, I stumbled upon Martha’s recipe for poached egg with baked yogurt. I nixed the watercress and paprika ingredients because I didn’t have them, and added some Parmesan reggiano, crushed pepper and basil on top.

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