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{Mexican style corn on the cob} Since I eat out much less than the average New Yorker, dining out is much more of an event for me. It’s why I takes hours, nay, days to find restaurants and why poring over a menu is no big deal. But you may be surprised to know that [...]

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I always loved the quirky desserts pastry chef Christina Tosi makes at Momofuku Milk Bar—the sweet treats counter part to David Chang’s legendary Momofuku Ssam Bar—like her cereal milk soft serve and compost cookie. But I hadn’t visited since Milk Bar announced that it would no longer be serving cake slices. I thought it was [...]

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When the season change, I get sick like clockwork, and with last week’s cooler temps and an office full of sick ill co-workers, it was inevitable that I’d get the bug. And when I start feeling under weather, there’s nothing like home-cooked food. Since I couldn’t run home during the week, I went to the [...]

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After a string of dinners out and simple meals at home (a.k.a. veggie burger and whole wheat toast), I wanted to make a proper meal, and more importantly, try a new recipe. So it was perfect timing when Cooking Light‘s “Best of Fast and Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes or Less” special issue plopped on [...]

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{Apple-cheddar scones fresh out of the oven} I’ve tried to go apple picking up state for the past two weekends, but the first weekend the trains and rental cars sold out and this weekend the weather was crap and the farms were starting to run out of apples. So I took matters into my own [...]