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I always loved the quirky desserts pastry chef Christina Tosi makes at Momofuku Milk Bar—the sweet treats counter part to David Chang’s legendary Momofuku Ssam Bar—like her cereal milk soft serve and compost cookie. But I hadn’t visited since Milk Bar announced that it would no longer be serving cake slices. I thought it was sad when I heard, but it wasn’t until I went last week, that I realized just how sad it actually was.

If you don’t want to plop down 40-some dollars for a whole cake, your next and only option is a cake truffle, which the lady behind the counter explained is a bite-sized piece with the same flavor profile. I thought I’d get two—chocolate malt and banana cake.

{Chocolate malt cake truffle balls, $3 for 3}

{Banana cake truffle, sadly disappointing}

I may sound like a whiny kid here, but IT’S NOT THE SAME! It’s not much like diving into a slice, and on top of that, the banana truffle was too salty for my taste. They also offer a birthday cake and apple pie cake with cream cheese filling, but I have a pretty strong preconceived notion that me no will likey.

I’ll join the others when I say, bring back the slice!

Momofuku Milk Bar
207 2nd avenue (at 13th St.)
L to 3rd Ave.
N, Q, R, 4, 5, 6, L to Union Square


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