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{Ricotta pancakes with plum compote}

I’m a huge Danny Meyer fan. Every restaurant of his that I’ve dined at—from Shake Shack to Blue Smoke—has been a culinary adventure. So when my friends suggested we breakfast at his new Italian eatery, Maialino, in the Gramcery Park Hotel, I was more than down.

What’s in it for you: Almond granola and yogurt with mixed fruit; uova al contadino (poached eggs with corn, zucchini and pecorino); Mortadella panini (pizza biance and provolone); baked goods like chocolate croissants, cherry scones and doughnuts with cream

What’s in it for them: Amatriciana al forno (baked eggs in spicy tomato sauce and guanciale); coppa croccante (crispy pork terrine, poached egg and bell pepper stew; thick cut black pepper bacon

I got the pancakes pictured above, and even though I didn’t love the ricotta pairing (I thought I’d give it a shot) or the vast amount of it that they gave me, but I love how moist the pancakes were. People who worry about having sweet stuff for breakfast would probably find a happy medium since the pancake and tiny amount of fruit keep the sugar levels to a minimum.

{Cafe latte to start the day}

{Cacio e pepe strapazzato}

My friend got the cacio e pepe strapazzato egg dish that was a nice portion of well-seasoned eggs. And based on a rec from our friend who had been there, we had to get the olive oil muffin and toffee glazed brioche. Both were amazing (I’m a sucker for toffee), but I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by the olive oil muffin. It sounded kind of flat next to TOFFEE, but it was the best thing on the whole table.

{Olive oil muffin}

{Toffee glazed brioche}

This place has a total European feel, from the rustic interior design to the whole pastry section on the menu. And like many Danny Meyer restaurants, it has a totally casual, approachable vibe that still makes you feel like you’re somewhere special.

2 Lexington Ave. (at 21st St.)
6 to 23rd

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