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After a totally disastrous preparation for my high school French class years ago, I’ve stayed away from quiche for quite some time. We had a soggy, runny cake. But you may remember that not too long ago my friend Shyema and I made this decadent quiche, and I became a total convert. That version was as rich and delicious as two food-loving girls could ask for on a night in, but I’m always looking for healthy alternatives to my indulgent food choices, so I came across this recipe from Health magazine that used more egg whites than yolks and no heavy cream.

I followed the recipe almost to a tee, except I skipped the shallots, swapped tomatoes for mushrooms and because I had a pesky carton that I was trying to get rid of, used unsweetened almond milk. The beauty of it was that you never would’ve known that many of the high-fat ingredients had been switched out for their healthier counterparts.

To accompany the quiche, I made a green bean casserole, which was my attempt at semblance of some Thanksgiving tradition. I actually wanted to make a totally classic version with cream of mushroom soup, but I got side-tracked by this Cooking Light recipe, which called for low-fat sour cream instead of soup. Because we never have sour cream in the apt, I went for nonfat Greek yogurt instead.

{Fresh-cut beans spread over and 8×8 pan; Then out of the oven with fried onions on top}

I loved that the sauce was different, but I should’ve stopped to think that egg quiche + Greek yogurt = dairy overload. Plus, the bottom layer was a bit watery (from the beans sweating , I guess) and lacked any sort of flavor because the sauce is merely poured on top. I imagine that’s where condensed soup comes in handy; it’ll trickle to the bottom. So 1. remember to really drain your beans well and 2. toss the beans with the yogurt (or sour cream) sauce so every bit of the dish has equal flavor.

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