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The last time I had miniature popsicles was during an epic trip to Paris with two of my girlfriends. It was a “college trip,” but I couldn’t even tell you what those seminars were about…because I was asleep during them. Sorry, Mom and Dad! Anyway, at one of the events, they handed out mini popsicles and despite the fact that we were already a bunch of giggly girls, it made us feel like kids again.

Flash forward five years and I was back for another round of the mini frozen treats, this time at PopBar, a West Village shop specializing in gelato and sorbet on a stick. I had visited them when they opened last May and fell in love with their artisanal pops. But this time, they invited me to taste test their new line on miniPops, smaller-size pops available for parties and corporate events.

Just like their regular pops, you can customize basic flavors (think chocolate, vanilla, coffee or blood orange sorbet) with gourmet toppings—anything from crushed hazelnut and pistachio to drizzles of dark, milk or white chocolate.

{Toppings, which they call “Poppings”}

{Dipping my chocolate gelato pop in milk chocolate after covering it with coconut flakes}

{The finished product!}

Since that particular night was nail-biting, teeth-chattering cold (I must’ve looked like a mess in my Uggs + heavy jacket + face-covering scarf + earmuffs), I had mine wrapped to go and stowed it away in my freezer until after dinner for a post-meal treat.

Thanks to their gelato (not ice cream) base, these Pops are super light and creamy and I’m a big fan of the customizable toppings. The only downside is PopBar sells its miniPops in batches of 25, starting at $60, so you can’t get individual tiny treats at their store. They’d be perfect for someone who wants dessert after every meal (who, me?) but doesn’t want to over indulge.

For those who have an event coming up (I’m looking at you, 5,397 people who got engaged over the holidays), these could be a nice addition to the party mix. (Just make sure to give two days notice.)

5 Carmine St. (at 6th Ave.)
A, B, C, D, E, F, M to W. 4th St.


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