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I always feel like the working world is so ebb and flow. One week I’m home at night in time to try a new recipe, see friends, work out and watch any given iteration of Real Housewives. The next week, I’m eating Qdoba at work, cursing those six flights of stairs to my apartment, and [...]

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I love when friends become family, and my bestie from college, Avni, is one of those people. I’ve been to her home, both her siblings’ weddings, and now, I got to go to her sister’s baby shower this past weekend in Brooklyn. Avni did the most faboosh job organizing a Moroccan brunch at Park Slope’s [...]

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Last night, a major craving for brick-oven pizza and a major bout of laziness led me to a neighborhood pizza shop called L’asso pizza, which specializes in D.O.C. That stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, but all you need to know is that the stamp of approval means this type of pizza is the real [...]

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The last time I tried Restaurant Week was when I first moved to New York City in 2007. A bunch of us girls went to i Trulli and had a great time, but I realized that spending almost $50 (including tip) on a three-course dinner, which was more food than I needed, wasn’t probably worth [...]

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My boyfriend and I aren’t big on Valentine’s Day (we save indulgence for anniversaries and birthdays), but he still surprised me with these Payard ginger-Pop Rocks (!) truffles, which came in a cute pink purse package, from the Francois Payard Bakery yesterday since he’s traveling for work today. We’ll save the real celebration for this [...]

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With a can of pumpkin puree hanging around since Thanksgiving, I was determined to use it this weekend on a delicious pumpkin and chocolate chip bread. This wasn’t my first stab at the loaf, but I wanted to try a new recipe, so I looked to my fave new chef/blogger, Candice Kumai, whom I interviewed [...]