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I always feel like the working world is so ebb and flow. One week I’m home at night in time to try a new recipe, see friends, work out and watch any given iteration of Real Housewives. The next week, I’m eating Qdoba at work, cursing those six flights of stairs to my apartment, and I wake up bleary-eyed to do it all over again the next day.

These last few weeks have definitely been the latter. But earlier this week, I managed to come home pre-hunger pangs, on a mission to use the cheese I had stocked up on from Trader Joe’s last weekend. Enter: My tomato basil mozzarella sandwich served with a side of red pepper-tomato soup, also from TJ’s.

Simple and — to borrow the phrase from Sandra Lee — semi-homemade. I’ll tell you what I did:

We had some multi-grain bread that looked pretty gourmet — far more glam than my usual sliced bread. I popped one slice into the toaster, while I put the other to toast on an oil-brushed pan. After a few minutes, I lay four slices of vine tomatoes, then two slices of Muenster cheese, a few leaves of basil, some shreds of truffle oil cheese (also from TJ’s and to-die-for) and topped with that slice of toast. Whether you have the truffle version or not, it’s good to add some cheese to the top inside layer to help the bread stick. It’s also a great way to avoid real ingredients instead of over-salted condiments!

Sear for a couple minutes on each side on low heat to prevent burning the bread, and hello, comfort food.

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