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My friend came over for dinner last night, and one of the things we both talked about was how having someone over for dinner makes you so much more apt to try a new recipe. My dinner party of one often consists of toast, a veggie burger and some sort of quick vegetable garnish. Yep, super festive.

But with a guest in da hizouse and it being a weeknight, I wanted something new, but quick. Thankfully, I remembered how time-efficient lavash bread pizzas sounded when I first read about them in The New York Times last October. And even more thankfully, I actually remembered that I had read about them. (I have a bad habit of bookmarking recipes and then totally forgetting about them.)

Lavash is a Middle Eastern bread used aplenty in Iranian cooking. Because I live in New York, finding an ethnic ingredient like is as easy as walking to the corner bodega. In fact, I found it at my nearby Met supermarket — in multi-grain!

I went with a version of Martha Rose Schulman’s mozzarella, goat cheese and tomato pizza, and grabbed these brilliant tomatoes from Whole Foods for my interpretation.

For my twist on the recipe, I added some fresh basil, nixed the onion and goat cheese because I didn’t have any and topped it with sliced avocado because, really, doesn’t everything taste better with a little avocado?

And being Indian, it’s in my blood to add crushed pepper to everything. Perfection.

These pizzas are seriously so easy to make. And I love how crsipy, cracker-thin they become when they bake in the oven. It makes for a light alternative to a heavy pie.


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