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The weather has been so up and down lately that whenever I can catch a warm day, I try to make the most of it. And so a couple weekends ago, when the clouds parted and I could finally feel warmth on my skin (I’ve missed you, Sun!), my boyfriend and I decided to take a stroll to the Hudson.

Of course, by the time we made it west, the clouds were back, and that warmth? Donezo. Ugh, March. En route back towards Nolita, we found a cool antiques shop—where we bought some vintage NY postcards (postmarked and everything)—and then stumbled upon the nearly hidden bakery, City Cakes. Obviously, we went inside and after we ooh-ed and ahh-ed over their gorgeous fondant cakes, we walked away with their famous half pound chocolate chip cookie.

It was slightly crisp on the edges and not quite done on the inside—just the way we like it. It was also HUGE. Great for three people. Or a dessert-loving pair.

City Cakes
251 W. 18th St.
New York, NY 10011
1 to 18th St.

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