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I pride myself on living in a neighborhood with some of the best restaurants in the city, like the East Village, where I lived for three years, and now Nolita, which I’ve lived in since last August. I’m so obsessed with Nolita’s food that Emporio and Elizabeth have actually become two of my favorite restaurants in the whole city. But last week, I was strolling around Elizabeth Street, checking out the new Billy’s Bakery (!), only to learn that Elizabeth is now CLOSED.

My thinking is that they lost their lease, but who knows. What I do know is that I went to Elizabeth (formerly near Elizabeth and Houston) for dinner late last summer and had some of the best risotto of my life. (The dim lighting made for terrible pictures though.) And I had ventured there for brunch in January and was equally impressed. What’s more, I was so looking forward to heading there for a Saturday night mocktail soon. Relaxing brunch, romantic dinner, snazzy nightlife—man, Elizabeth kind of had it all.

I know it’s kind of all for naught, but I have to share the images from my (more well-lit) brunch from a couple of months ago. Elizabeth, I hardly knew ye.

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