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This weekend set a new high (low?) for random eating: 3:30 a.m. pizza on Friday night/Saturday morning, chocolate donut breakfast followed by a veggie hot dog and popsicle for lunch, a three-course meal at the uber-affordable Fiat Cafe in Nolita, an Indian food buffet, plate of bruschetta with coffee at a cafe and scarfed-down slice of pizza en route to the movie theater. At the moment, I feel ill just thinking about it, but over the weekend, it felt like bliss.

The highlight of all of it was the ever-so-simple but surprisingly gourmet donut at Dough in Brooklyn. On Saturday, my friend Kara and I made plans to meet there for breakfast before a trip to the Brooklyn Flea Market. (We went to the brick and mortar location; little did we know they actually sell Dough at the Flea. Doh!)

Even though it’s rare to find me eating chocolate before, oh, 2 p.m., I wanted something classic. Here, my beauty. Breakfast of champions, no?

{Chocolate with chocolate nibs}

Most people attribute New York’s amazing pizza to its only-found-in-New-York dough; now I realize it’s the same for it’s donuts. I’ve never tasted a more soft, pillowy donut, and what’s more, they offer more flavors than the standard glazed (though they have that, too). With everything from blood orange and hibiscus to jelly-filled (with homemade jelly!) and plain, you can go as out there or go as simple as you want. But the point is, just go.

{It was messy}

{Hibiscus donuts}

{Cafe au lait on the left, plain glazed on the right}

{Donut holes}

{Kara’s chocolate chipotle donut — so spicy she needed to stop and get a drink before finishing it}

Dough Brooklyn
305 Franklin Ave. (at Lafayette)

G to Classon Ave.

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