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Last year I went to the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Friday night dinner for my birthday, and it was such a great experience, that I knew my friend Avni would love it for her birthday, which is just a few weeks before mine.

Unlike me, she’s strict vegetarian, but like me, she appreciates the value of local, seasonal and home-cooked food. Also like me, Avni loves The Real Housewives of New York City, and former Housewife Bethenny received her culinary degree from the Insitute. Food with a reality TV connection. What could be better? Well, what was better was that this was an Earth Day-themed dinner with a portion of the proceeds benefiting Green Guerillas, a non-profit that helps grassroots organizations cultivate community gardens.

Now that I’ve gone to the Friday dinner twice, I can say with certainty that this is a must before you leave New York. Here, a glimpse at our fresh, healthy and surprisingly filling dinner:

{A pre-dinner snack of goat cheese and radishes in an endive leaf}

{Asparagus salad with grain mustard vinaigrette and spring greens}

{An edible flower with the salad}

{Chickpea-spinach croquette over parsnip puree with baby carrots and early season foraged vegetables}

{Strawberry rhubarb crisp with (vegan, and tasty, I might add) cinnamon coconut ice cream}


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