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I think it’s always nice, in this world of constant connectedness, to disconnect for at least a short period of time. Specific, to this blog, it’s nice to re-evaluate and re-energize and in general, with all our smart phones, Apple products, DVR, keyless car entry, etc., it’s hard to escape technology, so taking some time away from a blog is one way for me to get a little reprieve.

That being said — I’m back! And with a recipe for a super moist, super healthy, super delicious breakfast (or dessert) bread. This blueberry-oat loaf is perfect fresh out of the oven with some protein on the side for breakfast or topped with some whipped cream for dessert. (The latter is pretty epic.) You can feel good about yourself knowing it’s packed with fruit, oats and without a drop of oil or sliver of butter.

And if you end up with leftovers, know that it keeps extremely well in the fridge. Just be sure to reheat in the microwave so you do justice to that buttermilky-moist texture.

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