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I spent four amazing, mostly bone-chatteringly cold years, as an undergrad in Chicago, and even though the sound of my graduation year already makes me feel old, the memories, mostly of food, are still fresh in my memory. I returned last week for a glorious, if not completely hectic, five days in the Windy City, partly to see college friends and partly for the wedding of two dear friends, who actually were my first real friends on campus. (Thank you for being nice to dorky Archana! Just kidding. We went to Northwestern; we were all dorks.) To celebrate such an occasion, I — what else? — ate my way through the city.

{Potbelly’s upon arrival, which has become a tradition mandatory}

{Chocolate chip gelato topped with berries and cream gelato at Istria Cafe in Hyde Park}

{Banana, strawberry, orange and honey juice blend at Kanela Cafe, which, sadly, replaced my favorite location of Orange}

{I drowned my sorrows in their Loukoumades: fritters topped with powdered sugar, lemon-honey syrup and walnuts. It helped.}

{Big Star in Wicker Park for a post-Midnight in Paris taco dinner}

{Guacamole was great; salty chips not so much}

{Duh, my reason for being in the city in the first place}

{Second reason: wedding cake}

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