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I’ve pretended to like salads for far too long. I’m sorry, but there’s something about tasteless greens topped with raw veggies that has me reaching for a baguette two hours later. (Yeah, the whole baguette, not just a slice.) But what’s this? A salad recipe? Let me explain.

This is nothing like you average salad bar salad. It’s a cooked, protein-packed (and lettuce-free) option that makes for nice comfort food without breaking the calorie bank. My friend passed this recipe on to me a while back and yesterday’s weird, torrential weather had my girlfriend and I craving something hearty.

But I made some tweaks: I wasn’t about to buy a pack of bay leaves for one and I pretty much never use thyme, so out those went. Instead, I replaced both with a few shakes of dried basil. True, it wasn’t quite the same as fresh basil, which, unlike thyme, I do happen to use a lot of, but when you live on the sixth floor of a walk-up apartment building, when you ask yourself, “Do I use the dried basil I have or run to the bodega for fresh basil?” the answer is pretty wildly clear.

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