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I never had the traditional American upbringing of BBQs on national holidays, yet the sight and smell of (beef) hot dogs sizzling has become oh so tempting. Unfortunately, grilling opportunities in New York City are all but nonexistent*, and so yesterday for July 4, I settled for my summer holiday food back-up: pizza and diet coke.

The original plan was to go to the famed Brooklyn pizzeria Lucali, but my girlfriend and I had a sneaking suspicion they’d be closed for the holiday. Instead, we hit up Posto, a Gramercy restaurant that’s a part of the Vezzo and Spunto family. The beauty of this place is that it’s cheap, and they offer individual pies. As far as the actual pizza goes, it’s ideal for a hot and humid night like it was yesterday; their dough is cracker thin and the cheese is relatively light.

We split two individual pies: the El Greco (with olives, bell peppers, sweet onions and feta) and the Shroomtown (with three different types of mushrooms and white truffle oil). The last time I was there, they had something called the “Garden” pizza, which was stacked with broccoli and jalapenos among other veggies. Though I missed that spicy kick, the El Greco felt much more fresh. (Not a fan of broccoli on pizza!) It was a good thing, too, because the truffle oil made the Shroomtown a more indulgent choice.

*My dreams of grilling aren’t totally dashed. I’m heading to the Catskills with friends in two weeks, and you better believe the hot dogs and veggie burgers will be in full effect.

310 2nd Ave. (at 18th St.)
L to 14th St.

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