Lettuce Veg is a flexitarian’s musings on the restaurants, home-cooked meals and experiences that make for a delicious (mostly veg) lifestyle in New York City and beyond. You can find me in the produce aisle 90% of the time, but sometimes a girl craves a burger and that 10% is devoted to my latent carnivore.

Vegetarian or not, my choices are mostly healthy ones – whole grains, organic dairy, and of course, tons of fruits and veggies, but I’m no snob. I love cheese fries, late night pizza and am a slave to dessert. I just try to balance the healthy with the indulgent. Food is fun, after all!

When cooking, I come from the Mark Bittman school of thought: Keep it simple and flexible. Hate tomatoes? Swap it for something you like. Don’t love salt? Use less than I say. The world is your vegetarian oyster, and I’m just here to guide you.

I’m also here to give you dining options that’ll make for a peaceful co-existence between carnivores and vegetarians. For each restaurant, I offer what’s in it for vegetarians and what’s in it for meat-eaters, depending on your taste buds, the menu or, as is often the case for me, the mood.

About Archana

Archana Ram is a New York-based writer who loves the mantra, “Eat your vegetables.” By day she’s a writer at Entertainment Weekly and by night, she’s poring over recipes, telling her boyfriend not to touch his food until she photographs it (sorry!) or watching episodes of No Reservations on repeat. Her lifelong love of food kicked into high gear when she moved to New York City in the summer of 2007 and learned to truly appreciate spices, sauces and a fine slice of pizza. She has also written for People, Details and Time Out New York.