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Sushi is huge in New York City. It’s trendy, it’s healthy and most sushi restaurants turn into pre-game hubs on Fridays and Saturdays. But when you can’t be hip and order spicy tuna, what’s a vegetarian to do? Head to my favorite sushi restaurant in the city, Akina in the East Village, where they have tons of veg [...]

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Mmm…doesn’t that look tasty? It’s a mushroom pizza from Patsy’s, one of my favorite pizzerias in the city. Theirs is a great example of New York-style pizza — thin crust, juicy mozzarella, fresh tomato sauce and sprigs of basil. In my opinion, most any slice in this city could take on slices in Chicago, San [...]

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Ever since I read about Midwest Airlines’ inflight baked cookies, I’ve had the urge to whip up a batch myself. I may be a sucker for Girl Scout cookies and Keebler Chips Deluxe (mmm…), but warm, gooey home-baked cookies knock those store-bought ones out of the water. Pair with a tall glass of milk (organic skim from [...]

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When my college friends got together for a coast-to-coast reunion, a long dinner was in order. But there were some limitations: no Mexican (one friend hailed from Mexico’s brother from another mother, a.k.a. California), somewhere new, and somewhere that could accommodate my veggie needs and their carnivore appetites.When someone suggested Mediterranean, I thought it was [...]

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I love food writer Mark Bittman for his no-frills approach to cooking. He likes simplicity, flexibility and isn’t afraid to admit his mistakes. That’s why it was so refreshing to read about his frustration with TV cooking shows. Hear, hear, Bitty! I do love cooking shows – the Food Network, Travel Channel, morning show cooking [...]

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A wonderful friend told me how delicious Israeli couscous is, so I took her advice and picked some up today at Trader Joe’s. Sometimes called pearl couscous, this chewy grain is made of ground durum wheat and even though it has no fiber, it’s a great source of protein: 18 grams for every cup. A protein [...]