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I pride myself on living in a neighborhood with some of the best restaurants in the city, like the East Village, where I lived for three years, and now Nolita, which I’ve lived in since last August. I’m so obsessed with Nolita’s food that Emporio and Elizabeth have actually become two of my favorite restaurants [...]

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On a recent bitter cold night, I decided to ditch my usual winter routine of couch + candle + TV/book/computer. Instead, I put my hair in a fancy top-knot bun, snapped on some rhinestone clip-on earrings and headed out to dinner at the vibrant and buzzing Boca Chica, which serves pan-Latin cuisine in the East [...]

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You can go one of two ways for brunch: pancakes, omelets and the works or, coffee and a pastry. True, the latter is more of a snack than brunch, but if you’re eating it on Sunday and it’ before 3 p.m., I think that qualifies as brunch. I wanted something light because I had sort [...]

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I know I’m mostly vegetarian and all, but for some reason, vegan meals and restaurants just don’t rub me the right way. In fact, they make me gag. I don’t like seitan. I don’t like cashew sauces. I don’t like sesame meatballs. It all tastes like tree bark to me. I know what you’re thinking: [...]

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I always feel like the working world is so ebb and flow. One week I’m home at night in time to try a new recipe, see friends, work out and watch any given iteration of Real Housewives. The next week, I’m eating Qdoba at work, cursing those six flights of stairs to my apartment, and [...]

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I love when friends become family, and my bestie from college, Avni, is one of those people. I’ve been to her home, both her siblings’ weddings, and now, I got to go to her sister’s baby shower this past weekend in Brooklyn. Avni did the most faboosh job organizing a Moroccan brunch at Park Slope’s [...]