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Hot chocolate is obviously a cornerstone of winter, and if you live in New York City, you deserve the best dang hot chocolate in the world for this miserable weather we’ve been having. For the ultimate hot choc lover, head on over to The City Bakery for their annual hot chocolate festival, which doles out [...]

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My friend came over for dinner last night, and one of the things we both talked about was how having someone over for dinner makes you so much more apt to try a new recipe. My dinner party of one often consists of toast, a veggie burger and some sort of quick vegetable garnish. Yep, [...]

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My first job ever was working at a hoagie shop (hoagie = South Jersey speak for sub) the summer after my senior year. It was the first time I got a paycheck, the first time I got tips and the first time I had some sort of uniform. (It was a navy blue shirt embroidered [...]

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I came to Ruby’s Cafe a while ago before I even moved to its ‘hood with my friend who claimed this Australian spot had the best burger in New York City. We did have burgers that night, but sorry, Kunal, I didn’t think they were the best. Good, but not best. (I still love Shake [...]

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I had seen Candice Kumai on the first season on Top Chef, but it wasn’t until I read her NY Diet on Grub Street that I realized that she is truly a super cool chick whose outlook on food (mostly fruits and vegetables, a lot of water, etc.) is so in line with my own. [...]

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The last time I had miniature popsicles was during an epic trip to Paris with two of my girlfriends. It was a “college trip,” but I couldn’t even tell you what those seminars were about…because I was asleep during them. Sorry, Mom and Dad! Anyway, at one of the events, they handed out mini popsicles [...]