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One of the best things about 2011 is the fact that my best friend has moved to New York, and I’m getting to indulge in all the amazing girl talk and girl grub I’ve missed out on without her here. I went to visit her new place on the Upper East Side recently, and before [...]

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I moved out of the East Village in September, and whenever I go back I feel like there’s always a new store, but it’s usually for the worse (think Subway, a bank or a fratty dude bar.) Thankfully, when I strolled around last week I came across The Chocolate Library, a store specializing in gourmet [...]

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Ahh the Artichoke pizza from Artichoke Basille’s. It’s drenched in cream sauce and dotted with spinach and artichoke, creating a slice that rivals Chicago stuffed pizza in heaviness. (I usually limit myself to one slice per year because that’s just how rich it is!) The company started as a tiny, seat-less shop in the East [...]

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After a disastrously disgusting meal at Haveli and sub-par eats at the cabbie joints in Curry Hill, I’ve been pretty skeptical of Indian restaurants in the city. True, I love Tamarind, but it’s a little bourgeois, not to mention pricey. Tiffin Wallah, a vegetarian kosher restaurant in Murray Curry Hill, was the antidote to my [...]

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I’ve made baked and breaded zucchini before, but there was something about this recipe for zucchini sticks that caught my eyes—and I think it was because they looked so much like French fries. They’re obviously so much healthier, and in my opinion, could still go well with a side of ketchup or BBQ sauce.

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I’m not one to revisit NYC restaurants too much, since there are just so many options that I always try to venture some place new. But the upside of going back is getting to photograph tasty food that was either P.B. (pre-blog) or not taken to avoid annoying a large table of friends. Last week, [...]