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After living in New York for a certain number of years (I’m going on four), you start to learn/appreciate/hate certain New York-isms. The trials and tribulations of getting an apartment. Surly taxi drivers. Going cross town on the subway. The one New York-based show that got these right was Seinfeld. One of my favorites is [...]

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On Friday, it was 76 degrees. Today, it snowed. The only upside I can see to any of this is that this post on apple walnut crumb bars is actually seasonal. So, I guess, hooray? I had actually made these bars (via Sweet Pea’s Kitchen) a couple weekends ago for brunch with my boyfriend and [...]

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I’ve been obsessed with the idea of breakfast pizza ever since I had it a few years ago in Boston. My favorite food + my favorite meal of the day = genius. I finally got around to making one a couple weekends ago, using a recipe from one of my favorite sites, The Kitchn, for [...]

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You can go one of two ways for brunch: pancakes, omelets and the works or, coffee and a pastry. True, the latter is more of a snack than brunch, but if you’re eating it on Sunday and it’ before 3 p.m., I think that qualifies as brunch. I wanted something light because I had sort [...]

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I know I’m mostly vegetarian and all, but for some reason, vegan meals and restaurants just don’t rub me the right way. In fact, they make me gag. I don’t like seitan. I don’t like cashew sauces. I don’t like sesame meatballs. It all tastes like tree bark to me. I know what you’re thinking: [...]

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I was looking back at the photos on my computer and, as I sometimes do, came across photos from months ago that I haven’t yet shared. Whoops! These particular photos were from my best friend’s October visit to NYC. We ventured the great distance of one block from my apartment for the weekend brunch at [...]