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I moved out of the East Village in September, and whenever I go back I feel like there’s always a new store, but it’s usually for the worse (think Subway, a bank or a fratty dude bar.) Thankfully, when I strolled around last week I came across The Chocolate Library, a store specializing in gourmet [...]

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Most people spend the holidays eating huge turkey dinners and gorging on baked goods, but when I go home it’s pretty much traditional Indian food every night. It’s amazing because I never have that kind of home-cooked goodness in New York, but when I got back to the city last night, I had an urge [...]

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In the age of e-cards, text messages and Twitter, how often do we get something personal from a friend? Over the last year, I started mailing my friends baked goods on their birthdays, only later realizing that it’s just not the kind of thing our generation does much. Believe me, “things” are great, but I’ve [...]

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Last year, my friends and I had quite the Thanksgiving bonanza. I personally made two pies—blueberry and pumpkin—from scratch, and the day was stressful…to say the least. This year I wanted to contribute something less time-intensive for my extended family get together, but something that also had a traditional Thanksgiving ring to it since it’d [...]

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I always loved the quirky desserts pastry chef Christina Tosi makes at Momofuku Milk Bar—the sweet treats counter part to David Chang’s legendary Momofuku Ssam Bar—like her cereal milk soft serve and compost cookie. But I hadn’t visited since Milk Bar announced that it would no longer be serving cake slices. I thought it was [...]

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When I first moved into my new apartment, one of the more exciting storefronts was the one for the soon-to-arrive Little Cupcake Bakeshop, a Brooklyn bakery that would be crossing the bridge. This Sunday, their Manhattan doors finally opened and revealed loads of buttercream, chandeliers and cupcake-loving New Yorkers. (Who said the cupcake craze was [...]