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Some mid-day viewing pleasure courtesy of ChikaLicious…

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Madison Avenue is generally a snooze–tall buildings, men in suits, apartments nicer than anything I could afford. But I happened upon the quaint Keko Cafe one day and finally made my way there for brunch this past weekend. It’s pretty unbelievable how much this place is able to take you away from Madison’s impersonal feel [...]

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My roommate came home at 9 p.m. to tell me Max Brenner looked closed. My boyfriend came an hour later and said the same thing. A private party perhaps? No, ’tis true. The Bald Man has closed shop in the East Village, taking his chocolate pizzas, warm soufflés and chocolate syrup-filled beakers with him. I [...]

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Whenever I pass by zucchini bread at the farmer’s market, I ponder buying it, but I can’t ever get myself to go through with it. I have this image of chunks (or even worse stringy bits) of vegetables coming up at every chew. I love vegetables and I love bread, but the two together? That’s [...]

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The only good thing about sporting events is the food, and at baseball games the culinary offerings become the main focus considering the snoozefest going on on the field. I recently went to a Yankees game at their new stadium (a little sterile-feeling, if you ask me; I prefer the homey vibe of Wrigley) and when I researched [...]

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The phrase “hidden gem” gets thrown around a lot, but Penelope truly fits the bill. The homestyle restaurant is situated on 30th and Lex, in the heart of Murray Hill and its bubble of bankers, Indian food and mostly unmemorable bars and restaurants (sorry, but it’s true!). But then you have Penelope, a cute brunch spot that [...]