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With all the volcano/flight-cancellation news before my trip, I was totally stressing and completely forgot to post that I’d be gone from the blog for a little more than a week while on vacation. Apologies! But as you probably gathered, the volcano was dormant, our flight took off and my boyfriend and I headed to [...]

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This was what I was surprised with on the Saturday before my birthday: delicious Eileen’s cheesecake with trick candles. Quite possibly the best cheesecake in the world (Junior’s? Pfffft…) thanks to its airy texture, perfect portion size and myriad flavors. Eileen was even featured on a Throwdown with Bobby Flay episode when he battled Junior’s. [...]

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I hit up Spot Dessert Bar on St. Marks this week yet again, and this time, I fell in love with the chocolate banana pudding. My boyfriend got the white miso semifreddo, which we had eyed last time, but it has the whole salty-sweet thing going on, and that’s not really my cup of tea. [...]

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I love photo food blogs like Tastespotting, and this weekend I stumbled upon a new favorite site for some eye candy: Cutest Food. Its premise is simple: pictures of teeny-weeny, super cutesy food including many, but not limited to, desserts. Anyone can submit, but whoever these people are, they are friggin’ talented. Think Ace of [...]

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Do I really have to explain why I went to this restaurant? Doesn’t the name say it all?? On my recent trip to San Diego, I went to Extraordinary Desserts, the sweets-focused restaurant overseen by Cordon Bleu-trained pastry chef Karen Krasne. Krasne isn’t just a pastry chef; she’s an artist. Her goal is to incorporate [...]

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