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Someday I should photograph my recipe binder. There are magazine cut-outs, computer print-outs, Whole Foods fliers and cardboard pieces torn from boxes. Inside the binder was the recipe for these corn fritters, a dish I’ve been wanting to make for what seemed like eons. Knowing I had some leftover frozen corn kernels occupying my freezer [...]

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Last year I went to the Natural Gourmet Institute’s Friday night dinner for my birthday, and it was such a great experience, that I knew my friend Avni would love it for her birthday, which is just a few weeks before mine. Unlike me, she’s strict vegetarian, but like me, she appreciates the value of [...]

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My friend came over for dinner last night, and one of the things we both talked about was how having someone over for dinner makes you so much more apt to try a new recipe. My dinner party of one often consists of toast, a veggie burger and some sort of quick vegetable garnish. Yep, [...]

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After a totally disastrous preparation for my high school French class years ago, I’ve stayed away from quiche for quite some time. We had a soggy, runny cake. But you may remember that not too long ago my friend Shyema and I made this decadent quiche, and I became a total convert. That version was [...]

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After a string of dinners out and simple meals at home (a.k.a. veggie burger and whole wheat toast), I wanted to make a proper meal, and more importantly, try a new recipe. So it was perfect timing when Cooking Light‘s “Best of Fast and Healthy Meals in 30 Minutes or Less” special issue plopped on [...]

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Like most foodies, I love foodie TV, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of Top Chef, and lucky me got invited to an event at the Institute of Culinary Education last week hosted by alum Fabio, the fan favorite from season 5 fondly remembered for saying, “This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop.” [...]