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Fitness magazines are goldmines for healthy spins on traditional favorites. Case in point: this recipe I tried out last night from, funnily enough, Fitness mag. It was a baked mac and cheese dish created by celebrity chef Rocco DiSpirito from his cookbook, Now Eat This!, that instead of the typically unhealthy/delicious ingredients, used whole wheat [...]

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Last night I finally got to make good on a deal my friend Shyema of Beauty and the Feast and I had made to make dinner together. After having an amazing quiche at my cousin’s place in Philly over July 4th weekend, I suggested a vegetable quiche for our meal last night. Shy was down [...]

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This past weekend was a glorious first weekend of spring, so I kept the time indoors to a minimal. But I wanted to catch you guys up to speed with a fabulous meal my boyfriend made for me last weekend, during that terrible soaker of a storm. For our dinner in, we revisited the empanada [...]

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I once had a tofu steak dish at Asia de Cuba but it was so salty that I was determined to make my own version that’d be healthier and tastier. So with a fresh cube of extra firm tofu and a not-as-fresh but still usable pack of rosemary, I decided tonight was as good a [...]

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I was in San Diego this past weekend for a quick getaway and the city totally won me over. I’m totally infatuated with its natural beauty, friendly people and incredible food. The best meal we had, hands down, was at the California Modern at Georges at the Cove. Georges offers three restaurants in one location: [...]

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Last night, since I had more time than usual to make dinner, I took the time to peruse my cookbooks and tear sheets from magazines. Lo and behold, for the first time, I came across a recipe for which I had 99% of the ingreidnets. Usually I don’t have a spice or scallions or something, [...]