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It is such a challenge not to eat ice cream every day in the summer, since baking in my apartment is the equivalent of sitting in the New York Sports Club’s sauna. (Both feel equally gross.) But I found a recipe for a super quick chocolate pudding, which made for a fantastic, cool summer dessert. [...]

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I always felt a kinship with Joey from Friends because I, too, am a die-hard sandwich fan. And with my sandwiches, I pretty much always have to have a side, like potato chips or my favorite, Terra Chips. But when I recently visited the Union Square Farmer’s Market, I decided to make good on my [...]

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This weekend’s torrential rain storm could’ve been a total bummer if I hadn’t made use of the time by trying out some recipes percolating on my to-cook list. One of those to-cook items was lettuce wraps. The idea first sparked when I saw an item on the endless possibilities for lettuce wraps in Mark Bittman’s [...]

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En route to Ess-a-Bagel last weekend, I passed by what I thought was a new cafe, which touted fresh, natural ingredients. But that wasn’t even what caught my eye first; what initially got me were the rows and rows of macaroons. Delicate French pastries in a relatively nondescript 1st Ave. cafe? Would they be any [...]

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I’ve been known to play Mom sometimes in the sense that I’m always prepared, whether it’s carrying an umbrella most everywhere I go or packing snacks for those late-in-the-day hunger pangs. So yes, I’ll admit that I love to plan. And mapping out a healthy and satisfying breakfast for each morning is one of the [...]

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I hate the word “diet.” It comes with a negative connotation, most often indicating what you can’t have, or rather, what you can’t enjoy. But Weight Watchers seems different. I don’t technically follow the plan, but its philosophy, on of basic portion control, isn’t a crazy fad, and that’s what I love. So when my [...]