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New York has this way of making you feel like if you’re not outside your apartment, taking advantage of the city, you’re missing out. There’s always some cool bar, restaurant, exhibit or park you MUST BE AT. And when it gets warm, that gravitational-like pull towards the streets is even more powerful. I don’t often [...]

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This dinner at Oficina Latina was momentous for a few reasons: 1. My boyfriend and I have been meaning to go ever since we realized there was a hip, new taqueria around the corner from our apartment. 2. Our wonderful friends Samar and Amer were in town from Dallas. 3. We were celebrating my 26th [...]

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When I went to the Brooklyn Flea this past summer, the temperature was in the triple digits, I wasn’t hungry and I couldn’t find anything to buy. But what a difference a few months make. This weekend I ventured back with my friend who has an amazing eye for spotting unique pieces. I walked away [...]

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Like most foodies, I love foodie TV, so it’s no surprise that I’m a fan of Top Chef, and lucky me got invited to an event at the Institute of Culinary Education last week hosted by alum Fabio, the fan favorite from season 5 fondly remembered for saying, “This is Top Chef, not Top Scallop.” [...]

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After demolishing a large plate of caramelized banana French toast at Extra Virgin yesterday, I wanted to keep dinner light. Like I said, I’m trying to include more fish into my diet because it’s just so darn healthy, so I baked some frozen wild salmon, which I picked up at Trader Joe’s, flavored with chimichurri, [...]