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I spent four amazing, mostly bone-chatteringly cold years, as an undergrad in Chicago, and even though the sound of my graduation year already makes me feel old, the memories, mostly of food, are still fresh in my memory. I returned last week for a glorious, if not completely hectic, five days in the Windy City, [...]

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With all the volcano/flight-cancellation news before my trip, I was totally stressing and completely forgot to post that I’d be gone from the blog for a little more than a week while on vacation. Apologies! But as you probably gathered, the volcano was dormant, our flight took off and my boyfriend and I headed to [...]

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Much like peanut butter and jelly, La Lanterna and a cold winter night go together seamlessly. In fact, I’ve never been to this West Village restaurant when it wasn’t cold. It’s a quiet spot with a door that’d make you think you were entering a house. But when you set foot inside, you first see [...]

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It was serendipity that on the Sunday night before I left for New Jersey that I caught an episode of the Food Network’s Throwdown with Bobby Flay, where Flay duked it out for the best grilled cheese with the cooks at a famous diner in Collingswood, New Jersey, near my hometown. Obviously, I had to [...]

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Some ideas make you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?” This, my friends, is one such idea. It’s a CupShake, an ingenious concoction created by The Sweet Tooth Fairy and Sammy’s Cafe, two dessert destinations in Utah. Theirs mixes a soft serve ice cream and a cupcake but for an at-home option, try [...]

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To celebrate Vermont’s new law recognizing gay marriage, the state’s local ice creamery, better known as Ben & Jerry’s, has renamed their classic Chubby Hubby flavor as “Hubby Hubby.” Cute, no? Working with the gay and non-gay partnership, Freedom to Marry, Ben & Jerry’s won’t be changing labels (that could take 18 months according to [...]