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Before I headed out to Austin, I got to celebrate my actual birthday at a restaurant I had been dying to go to: Jehangir Mehta’s Mehtaphor in Tribeca. You may know his name from the teeny-tiny Indian fusion restaurant, Graffiti, in the East Village, but at Mehatphor, he brings a similar flavor palette to a [...]

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After a disastrously disgusting meal at Haveli and sub-par eats at the cabbie joints in Curry Hill, I’ve been pretty skeptical of Indian restaurants in the city. True, I love Tamarind, but it’s a little bourgeois, not to mention pricey. Tiffin Wallah, a vegetarian kosher restaurant in Murray Curry Hill, was the antidote to my [...]

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When the season change, I get sick like clockwork, and with last week’s cooler temps and an office full of sick ill co-workers, it was inevitable that I’d get the bug. And when I start feeling under weather, there’s nothing like home-cooked food. Since I couldn’t run home during the week, I went to the [...]

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I took an Indian cooking class at Chelsea restaurant Bombay Talkie last summer, and I think they’ve got a crack PR team because it totally made me want to go there for dinner. I’ve gone twice since the class, and even though this weekend’s venture wasn’t as impressive as my first, it’s still worth it [...]

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I once had a tofu steak dish at Asia de Cuba but it was so salty that I was determined to make my own version that’d be healthier and tastier. So with a fresh cube of extra firm tofu and a not-as-fresh but still usable pack of rosemary, I decided tonight was as good a [...]

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I was browsing through Time Out New York‘s site and for this week’s “I’m officially obsessed with” sidebar, the food section highlighted the midtown Indian lunch spot Indus Express, a favorite of mine. The piece is all about how it has such great veggie options—which it does!—but Indus offers chicken, lamb and seafood, too. I’ve [...]