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I used to be the kind of person who’d wait 1.5 hours for brunch in the city, but as time goes on, my patience is waning and! So when the brunch line at Clinton Street Baking Company was 2 hours (!) Thanksgiving weekend, my boyfriend and I instead went to Balaboosta, whose Mediterranean brunch [...]

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I like to think I’ve heard of most restaurants, but I had never (previously) heard of The Smile. But I kind of loved that it was a surprise to find a warm, candlelit space nestled in a downstairs nook on trendy Bond Street. As the menu revealed, The Smile was an inn in the 1830s, [...]

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Israeli couscous has become just about as standard a weeknight meal for me as tofu-veggie wraps, but when Shyema and I decided to make it for our dinner date, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to make a jazzed-up version, as opposed to the relatively easy-peesy version I make for myself at home. We [...]

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With all the volcano/flight-cancellation news before my trip, I was totally stressing and completely forgot to post that I’d be gone from the blog for a little more than a week while on vacation. Apologies! But as you probably gathered, the volcano was dormant, our flight took off and my boyfriend and I headed to [...]

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After demolishing a large plate of caramelized banana French toast at Extra Virgin yesterday, I wanted to keep dinner light. Like I said, I’m trying to include more fish into my diet because it’s just so darn healthy, so I baked some frozen wild salmon, which I picked up at Trader Joe’s, flavored with chimichurri, [...]

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I’ve been going to Cafe Mogador, a neighborhood Moroccan restaurant, since I moved to New York almost three years ago, so it’s high time that I blogged about it! It’s one of those great brunch spots in the city where the inside feels cavernous and cozy, the outside allows for great al fresco dining and [...]