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I love pizza in all iterations from my old corner joint (East Village Pizza) and the slightly more upscale (Arturo’s or Patsy’s) to D.O.C. style (L’Asso) and the lavash version I made at home. But I had yet to try the Middle Eastern version, cutely terms “pitzas.” So off I went with my friend, Deep, [...]

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I used to be the kind of person who’d wait 1.5 hours for brunch in the city, but as time goes on, my patience is waning and! So when the brunch line at Clinton Street Baking Company was 2 hours (!) Thanksgiving weekend, my boyfriend and I instead went to Balaboosta, whose Mediterranean brunch [...]

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You’ll have to forgive my abrupt disappearance from this here blog. It wasn’t laziness or lack of good New York food (pfft, never!); it was actually a family trip to Egypt! A couple of weeks back I left for Cairo and 10 hours later, I landed in the country of pyramids, temples and over-eager bazaar [...]

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I’ve been going to Cafe Mogador, a neighborhood Moroccan restaurant, since I moved to New York almost three years ago, so it’s high time that I blogged about it! It’s one of those great brunch spots in the city where the inside feels cavernous and cozy, the outside allows for great al fresco dining and [...]

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Last night, since I had more time than usual to make dinner, I took the time to peruse my cookbooks and tear sheets from magazines. Lo and behold, for the first time, I came across a recipe for which I had 99% of the ingreidnets. Usually I don’t have a spice or scallions or something, [...]