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New York has this way of making you feel like if you’re not outside your apartment, taking advantage of the city, you’re missing out. There’s always some cool bar, restaurant, exhibit or park you MUST BE AT. And when it gets warm, that gravitational-like pull towards the streets is even more powerful. I don’t often [...]

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I moved to Nolita at the end of last August, and the move turned out to be perfectly timed to the opening of Fonda Nolita, a casual taco restaurant, which debuted in the neighborhood mid-September. For the unsuspecting passerby, Fonda Nolita looks like a garage with some folding chairs and a Volkswagen parked inside. But, [...]

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This dinner at Oficina Latina was momentous for a few reasons: 1. My boyfriend and I have been meaning to go ever since we realized there was a hip, new taqueria around the corner from our apartment. 2. Our wonderful friends Samar and Amer were in town from Dallas. 3. We were celebrating my 26th [...]

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Last night, a major craving for brick-oven pizza and a major bout of laziness led me to a neighborhood pizza shop called L’asso pizza, which specializes in D.O.C. That stands for Denominazione di Origine Controllata, but all you need to know is that the stamp of approval means this type of pizza is the real [...]

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My first job ever was working at a hoagie shop (hoagie = South Jersey speak for sub) the summer after my senior year. It was the first time I got a paycheck, the first time I got tips and the first time I had some sort of uniform. (It was a navy blue shirt embroidered [...]

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I came to Ruby’s Cafe a while ago before I even moved to its ‘hood with my friend who claimed this Australian spot had the best burger in New York City. We did have burgers that night, but sorry, Kunal, I didn’t think they were the best. Good, but not best. (I still love Shake [...]