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As lazy as I’ve been post-vacation and even though I’m here for just one more day before heading out to Oklahoma for New Year’s, I decided to pick myself up and go to the corner bodega for a couple of vegetables to cook dinner at home, which I feel like I haven’t done in a [...]

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I hate the word “diet.” It comes with a negative connotation, most often indicating what you can’t have, or rather, what you can’t enjoy. But Weight Watchers seems different. I don’t technically follow the plan, but its philosophy, on of basic portion control, isn’t a crazy fad, and that’s what I love. So when my [...]

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I wouldn’t call Murray Hill a food lover’s heaven, what with all the generic-looking, bland-tasting restaurants in the area, but you can imagine my surprise when I stumbled upon Cavatappo, a gem of a wine bar on Third Avenue. It has the charm of an East or West Village wine bar – a refreshing change [...]

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This week’s issue of New York magazine, cheap eats in the city, is a fantastic food encyclopedia for anyone who wants to eat out in this city without spending a lot, and I’d like to think that that would be everybody. The whole feature is worth checking out but one of my favorite things they [...]

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As promised, here are some photos from my trip to Aruba last week. It’s definitely NOT a burgeoning vegetarian hot spot, but if you’re into seafood or steak, you’re lucky. I had to settle for bland pastas and Nathan’s hot dogs, but I did luck out with my tropical drinks and most of my desserts, [...]

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Pizza Hut all but disappeared in my New Jersey hometown years ago, but it wasn’t just my town. Whenever I go outside NYC, I’m hard pressed to find Pizza Huts among all the Papa John’s and Domino’s that keep popping up. The company must’ve taken note of their fast-fading presence because now the brand is [...]