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I know I’ve been absent but sometimes life gets in the way of food, which is news to me! I was traveling to Chicago and Boston, working late and catching up on life in general. But I’m back and I need to update you on an incredibly momentous occasion in my cooking “career.” As you [...]

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After demolishing a large plate of caramelized banana French toast at Extra Virgin yesterday, I wanted to keep dinner light. Like I said, I’m trying to include more fish into my diet because it’s just so darn healthy, so I baked some frozen wild salmon, which I picked up at Trader Joe’s, flavored with chimichurri, [...]

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I once had a tofu steak dish at Asia de Cuba but it was so salty that I was determined to make my own version that’d be healthier and tastier. So with a fresh cube of extra firm tofu and a not-as-fresh but still usable pack of rosemary, I decided tonight was as good a [...]

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Being a flexitarian, I’m always worried about my protein intake. And when I did my long run (as part of my marathon training) last weekend, I was sluggish, tired, immobile – you name it. Part of it was the hot weather but I think the other part was because I wasn’t getting enough protein. When [...]

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I’ve been wanting to go to Zen Palate forevvvver. The vegetarian restaurant, whose tag line is “The Art of Eating Well,” is meant to be the Holy Grail for vegetarians. They tout fresh ingredients, minimal frying along with tons of tofu and seitan variations. I’ll give them props for providing a veggie-packed meal and more [...]

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My two friends recently got engaged, so I wanted to cook for them – my way of saying congrats! The dinner was so much fun to put together and I just had to show you guys the end result. I must say, I’m pretty proud of myself for accomplishing this on a weeknight. On the [...]