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I just love dinner parties. There’s something so fun about coming together to enjoy food and conversation. It’s my idea of the perfect night. Even better than dinner parties, though, are potlucks that bring different chefs together! Since my cousins were in town, I thought it was the perfect chance to make some dishes that [...]

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After all of my veggie-filled meals, it’s time for some meat! I don’t ditch my vegetables often, but when I do, it’s usually for a burger. There’s something about a juicy burger that’s just so satisfying. Perhaps it’s all the filling protein…and fat. (Has anyone else heard that when some vegetarians crave meat, it’s usually [...]

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A wonderful friend told me how delicious Israeli couscous is, so I took her advice and picked some up today at Trader Joe’s. Sometimes called pearl couscous,┬áthis chewy grain is made of ground durum wheat and even though it has no fiber, it’s a great source of protein: 18 grams for every cup. A protein [...]