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I just love dinner parties. There’s something so fun about coming together to enjoy food and conversation. It’s my idea of the perfect night. Even better than dinner parties, though, are potlucks that bring different chefs together! Since my cousins were in town, I thought it was the perfect chance to make some dishes that [...]

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Mark Bittman, one of my favorite food writers, had this picture of himself and his lunch posted on his New York Times Bitten Blog: Why is this seemingly simple picture worth noting? Bitten writer Suzanne Lenzer loved the fact that he “cooked” this meal using the Times’ office microwave! Hopefully this offers some inspiration to [...]

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As I mentioned in a previous post, the desserts in Berlin taste way more natural than they do in the States. Since the language barrier complicated things, I couldn’t tell which ingredients made the difference, but you can take my word for it that they’re much less artificial-tasting. Sweets are lighter in Berlin, the perfect [...]

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Berlin is home to western Europe’s largest Turkish population and the culture is everywhere – cafés, grocery stores, political groups, mosques and more. There are tons of restaurants, but the best way to do Turkish in Berlin is the gözleme. Similar to a crepe, a gözleme is a hand-rolled pastry filled with spinach, feta, potatoes [...]

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M&M’s, Wheat Thins, Ritz Bitz cheese crackers – I’m no stranger to the vending machine. When I fulfill that craving, oh, it’s just heaven. But when I saw this newbie in our office today, I had to do a double take. Macaroni and Cheese crackers?? I’m sure they taste just like Cheez-Its, but the thought of [...]

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