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As a general rule, if I got out to eat and end up with a stomach ache, I don’t recommend it, and thus don’t blog about it. Last night, I went to Pure Food and Wine and got a stomach ache. Yet I’m blogging about it. Well, I think this is a slightly different case. [...]

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Hot chocolate is obviously a cornerstone of winter, and if you live in New York City, you deserve the best dang hot chocolate in the world for this miserable weather we’ve been having. For the ultimate hot choc lover, head on over to The City Bakery for their annual hot chocolate festival, which doles out [...]

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I’ve been reading so much about Dos Toros near Union Square that it was high time I tried this burrito joint, started by two Berkeley, Calif. brothers, who wanted to bring Bay Area’s signature Mexican food style to the Big Apple. I went on Cinco de Mayo (unintentionally!) and the line was out the door. [...]

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I seem to be a little late on this news (which broke on August 17), but just because the dust has settled doesn’t make it any easier to digest. I know us city-dwellers sometime pine for suburban delights like Olive Garden, IHOP and Applebee’s, and that’s fine. At least those places are decent. But T.G.I. [...]

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My roommate came home at 9 p.m. to tell me Max Brenner looked closed. My boyfriend came an hour later and said the same thing. A private party perhaps? No, ’tis true. The Bald Man has closed shop in the East Village, taking his chocolate pizzas, warm souffl├ęs and chocolate syrup-filled beakers with him. I [...]