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Israeli couscous has become just about as standard a weeknight meal for me as tofu-veggie wraps, but when Shyema and I decided to make it for our dinner date, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to make a jazzed-up version, as opposed to the relatively easy-peesy version I make for myself at home. We [...]

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Last night I finally got to make good on a deal my friend Shyema of Beauty and the Feast and I had made to make dinner together. After having an amazing quiche at my cousin’s place in Philly over July 4th weekend, I suggested a vegetable quiche for our meal last night. Shy was down [...]

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It is such a challenge not to eat ice cream every day in the summer, since baking in my apartment is the equivalent of sitting in the New York Sports Club’s sauna. (Both feel equally gross.) But I found a recipe for a super quick chocolate pudding, which made for a fantastic, cool summer dessert. [...]

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I love the idea of cooking a three-course meal; it makes me feel like it’s restaurant week at my teeny apartment. But let’s be real, that can take time and New Yorkers don’t have a lot of that. So when I see a recipe with buzzwords like “quick” and “weeknight,” I’m all ears. During a [...]

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I always felt a kinship with Joey from Friends because I, too, am a die-hard sandwich fan. And with my sandwiches, I pretty much always have to have a side, like potato chips or my favorite, Terra Chips. But when I recently visited the Union Square Farmer’s Market, I decided to make good on my [...]

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I know I’ve been absent but sometimes life gets in the way of food, which is news to me! I was traveling to Chicago and Boston, working late and catching up on life in general. But I’m back and I need to update you on an incredibly momentous occasion in my cooking “career.” As you [...]